Saturday, November 10, 2007

My first blog entry- a little update.

Wowww... I finally got around to making myself a blog. I have no blog members yet, no idea what I'm going to write either.. but I'm excited.

See the thing is. I like to rant. So I think I'm going to enjoy this...

I'm really procrastinating right now. Its coming down to the end of semester.. its crunch time, and I'm avoiding doing work at all costs. Partially because today I can afford to... I have nothing due Monday! Also because I haven't had a SECOND to relax in the last 3 weeks. I really wonder why I ever got myself into journalism...

You see, you will get different answers from me as to the thoughts I have on my program depending on when you ask the question. If you were to ask me, while I'm smack in the middle of an assignment, trying to book interviews, figure out what my story is, record my stand up, get b-roll, annnnnnd edit it all, I would tell you I hate it and have no desire to be a journalist. On the other hand, should you ask me when I've just completed editing an assignment, I would tell you I love it. The end result is so rewarding.

The truth is, I really like some aspects of journalism. I love being behind the camera, setting up shots, and I like doing research, and being on camera. I hate making phone calls, and working on stories that really don't interest me... However I must admit I've been very fortunate and able to avoid the incredibly boring stories.

I've met loads of new people through my program and learned so many new things.

Did you guys know Koivu drives a Bentley? I DID.. because I met the Habs biggest fan/stalker ever!! This guy is crazy. To tell you the truth, my friend and I weren't even sure if this guy was a He or a She.. so we called it Crazy until we were told it was a he named Peter.
Peter has over 1000 autographs of NHL players. He's been the number 1 habs fan since.. well he didn't give us a date, but I'd guess as far back as the late 70's. His most prized autograph is a signed Ken Dryden Stick.
Peter hooked me up. I now have a number thats the Habs practice line number... If I call it, it tells me where and when they're practicing next. I swear, its in my phone book..
Also on the Habs note. Carey Price. I love Carey Price.

I also met a lady, who works for Rights and Democracy, and organization that fights for.. Yupp, you guessed it, rights and democracy!! She's in charge of their involvement in the Burma issue. She was really informing, and super helpful.

Another lady works for the women's Y who's working towards informing parents about the issues young girls are facing today. Did you know that 13% of 14 year old Canadian girls have had sex by the age of 14? Even more twisted.. make that 18% of 14 year old girls in Quebec.

I'm also still coaching basketball at Brookwood. I love it. I'm assistant Coach to the intercity Midget AAA girls. We're 2 time provincial champs, going for a third year in a row. This years bunch show a lot of talent and promise.. We're just hoping that they can step up their intensity a bit. Apparently you can't teach intensity.. we sure are trying though.

SOOOOOOOO.. this post has officially been about nothing. And I promise to have more nothing to come in the near future!!

A HUUGEE shout-out to anyone that reads it. To all my friends, I know I have been impossible this semester... I'm sorry.. its almost over though and I cant wait to catch up with all of you. To the Fam, I love and miss you all..

AHHH time is flying. My birthday's just around the corner... 38 days...

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jerilyn said...

Kimmy!! I have a blog too. It's very good for ranting, complaining, bragging and venting.

Look forward to reading yours :)