Friday, November 16, 2007

Dumbledore's a... leaf's fan!??

Sooooo... my journalism girls and I had to put together an oral for our Media Law and Ethics class.

Jerilyn, Aley, Karen and I had to do a class project about an issue we felt was unethically portrayed in the media. We picked the recent new that Albus Dumbledore, from the Harry Potter books, was gay. Our argument was that this news story was in fact, not the breaking news it was made out to be... I mean.. WHO CARES? It doesn't change much..
To prove our point that fabricated, exaggerated stories, have no place in the news, we put together this satirical news cast. We're pretty proud of it.. Hope you Enjoy!!

Fact of the matter is, our reliable news sources are continuously feeding us "fluff" news like this. Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith have no business on CNN, or on the 6pm news. I mean, I can understand an announcement at the end of a news cast, an anchor voice over something along the lines of..

"Some sad news, the famed Anna Nicole Smith passed away late yesterday. Anna is most known for being a blonde bimbo. It is believed a drug overdose may be the cause of death.

And that's it with tonight's news.. see you back tomorrow!"

Honestly, thats about as much coverage as dear Anna ever deserved. I really don't care about the gay Larry and Howard lying and professing their love for her and her daughter.. Please..

Enough is enough.

What has our world coming to? People this is not news!

I am not against Access Hollywood or other such television shows. However I think celebrity news should stick to such shows. People watching the 6pm evening news are not hoping to hear about the latest relationship rumors. There is a time, and place for everything
. People should be able to watch the news and legitimately get the NEWS. Others, who'd rather the Hollywood gossip, could watch Entertainment shows, lets not start incorporating the celeb world as our "need to know" news.

Thats my rant for today!