Sunday, June 1, 2008

35 questions on R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

I haven't blogged in months. So what brings me back to the blogging scene? Intense emotion. Something to say. I'm pissed. I'm frustrated. It started as frustration with someone else.. but as I've been thinking, writing, I've come to realize perhaps it's really just frustration with myself... Anyways... I'm leaving up my thoughts, for those who want, or dare, to read through them.

I'm SOOO fed up, of being told to "Show some respect". I hate hearing "You don't respect me."

And when I dare demand respect from the same people shooting these words at me, like daggers through the heart, the response I hear is: "You want respect? Well then earn it."

To start, how do we earn respect? Especially from those dear to us. Why is it, that if I act in a way that I believe to be right, and acceptable, but that someone else is completely against, they "lose" respect for me?

And why is it, that when I stand up for myself, its considered disrespectful? Is it because- in standing up for myself I'm telling someone else that I disagree with them, that I'm perhaps putting them in their place, or that they may not feel particularly good because of my actions?

If I'm standing up for myself, am I disrespecting someone else?

And why is it, that certain people in our lives, our teachers, our parents or guardians, our significant others, demand respect from us. Did we not just say respect was earned? Why are we just expected to respect them?

And why is it, that when we demand it back, they are so appalled? Is respect not a two-way street?
Can anyone honestly say that when they feel disrespected by someone, they continue to treat that person completely respectfully? So then, why is it so shocking, that when we want more respect from someone, they possibly demand the same in return?

Perhaps what hurts more than anything else, is not being respected by those loved ones held so close to our hearts. How do you lose their respect? Is hurting someone the same as disrespecting them? If it is, if you apologize, have you earned back their respect?

How do you earn the respect of someone you disagree with on so many levels, but love immensely?

If you love someone, should you just respect them? Do you just respect them? Does loving someone mean you respect them? Can you love someone you don't respect?

What is the definition of respect? Is it a universal definition? Is it unique to every person? Is it fixed or up for interpretation?

Can we be respected by one person for one thing, but loose the respect of another for the same thing?

And how do you earn respect? If every individual person is unique, do you earn their respect in the same way?

If not, are we not compromising ourselves to earn another's respect? Is it worth compromising ourselves? Or would we rather just be disrespected by some, but true to ourselves?

In the end, forget being respected by others. Our most difficult critics are most often ourselves.
Do you respect yourself? Do you always respect yourself? Why do you, or don't you respect yourself? If you don't respect yourself, can you expect anyone else to respect you?

Most importantly though, how do we earn our own respect?

Just something to think about...

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